Mosquito Killer Trap

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  • $39.95

Over One Million Deaths

Are attributed to mosquito bites worldwide, every single year. They are the most deadly creatures alive and carry dozens of diseases, including malaria which affects between 300-500 million people every single year.

Meet The Cure

How Does It Work?

The 360 degrees UV light attracts mosquitos. Once they get near, a powerful, quiet fan sucks them inside towards the device's core, leaving them trapped and helpless.

Mosquitos can't survive without water, just like humans do. A dehydrating mechanism inside the device kills the trapped mosquitos. No deadly sprays and no chemicals involved!

Simple Design

Our device barely requires any setup! It's as easy as plugging in to any USB port for power and you're good to go. Use it beside your laptop or even with a power bank.

It's a revolutionary way to spend great times with your family and friends, anytime, anywhere. Use it on your backyard parties, grill nights, camping, fishing, and any special moments you have in mind.

Safe & Non-Toxic

Inhaling mosquito sprays can cause nausea, vomiting, throat irritation, headache, dizziness, and skin, and eye irritation. Those mosquito repellent lotions you've been using for your and your children are no exceptions. These products have chemicals in them, designed to kill insects.

Stop using products that put your health to harm just to kill a mosquito. You don't need to anymore. Our Mosquito Killer Trap is perfectly safe for your health.

So How Many Do You Need?

While our traps are effective, you, unfortunately, can't expect a single device to rid your home completely unless there is only a single point of entry. We recommend 2 or more units to maximize the protection of your household or campground, depending on the area you're covering.